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Our Approach

We aim to celebrate the creative diversity of every child and young person, providing them with life-skills that will prepare them for adulthood and to achieve successful and happy lives.

At Spaghetti Bridge, our approach is entirely centred around fostering well-being and skills for independence. We are aiming to move away from a typical education context by replicating real world, working environments, preparing our students as they approach adulthood and arming them with the skills and knowledge they are going to need. In practice, this means less sitting at desks listening to one teacher and much more collaboration with peers, working on topics of interest and using digital technologies.

Let’s think differently.

We ask one simple question, ‘why do we traditionally prepare our children for a future using environments and ways of working which they will never use again?’  Time and again, evidence shows that if we can tap into individual strengths and interests, then every young person has the potential to succeed in their own unique way.  Providing more positive, creative learning environments gives young people the opportunity to re-engage with education and achieve their full potential.

Bridging the gap.

We use a topic and project-based curriculum where our students work in small groups to accomplish an output from concept to completion.

Within this work-based approach, we provide a unique and well-resourced environment where the aim is to engage students by planning practical and creative activities that are interesting to them. This approach is shaped and determined by  three key intentions or outcomes behind our curriculum, which we call ‘Bridging the gap’ which are:

Depending on the needs of each individual, their engagement within the project will be guided by these three intentions. For example, a student who predominantly lies within the ‘re-entering community’ intent will extend their project work into the community either through work placement or social enterprise. Whereas, a student who lies more within ‘nurturing & overcoming barriers to learning’ will be guided to work on their own sense of accomplishment and greater collaboration with others.

In understanding how our students develop through these stages, we will be measuring their progress through these four strands:

Creativity, Collaboration, Resilience and Responsibility.

Evidence consistently shows that these are common attributes of successful and fulfilled individuals in society. Our approach aims to develop students to become more creative, collaborative, resilient and responsible individuals as they make their choices leaving school, whether it be continuing education, training or meaningful work. 

Each student’s intended outcomes are shaped by their journey through these strands where they will have the opportunity for recognised accreditation – from GCSEs to work-based qualifications.  

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