I started Spaghetti Bridge as part of a solution to the problematic aspects of the education sector.

Whether it is the mainstream or special education sector, my belief is that the structure of education is not fit for the 21st century.

We want to try new things, to challenge the status quo of the education system and to positively influence the future ways that things are done.

Dan Alipaz, CEO Spaghetti Bridge

The Spaghetti Bridge Story

It’s creativity, determination and ability to rise above challenges faced in everyday life that we believe can be nurtured in every student.

Long ago when leading a specialist school group in Somerset, one of our founders worked with a young person who was on the autistic spectrum and an elective mute. After obtaining an impressive haul of 13 GCSEs, he expressed a desire to study architecture at university.

His application was successful and he was invited to attend an interview and practical day where he was challenged to build something from concept to completion. Already a little nervous for the student, upon hearing about the challenge, our founder’s apprehension grew.

But he kept faith knowing the school had prepared this young man well, providing him with the tools he would need to be successful. With strong independence skills in creativity, resilience, collaboration and responsibility, he had developed the ability to navigate the world in a different ‘creative’ way, despite his personal difficulties.

Excited for the outcome, our founder called the university.

‘How did he do?’ he asked.

‘Great!’ they replied.

‘We’re extremely impressed with how he handled the challenge.’

‘That’s fantastic! What was the challenge?’

‘We asked candidates to create something themed around the newly built Millennium Bridge, using a sense of creativity.’

‘Really? What did he do?’

‘He built a spaghetti bridge’ they said.

The student received an unconditional offer and his model was displayed at the university entrance as a symbol of the creative ingenuity that they value.